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Advanced Diagnostic Services


UltrasoundDelivering the best, most accurate treatment for your pet depends on us first providing the best, most accurate diagnosis of the problem. Ultrasonography helps us do that with precision, enabling us to see conditions that are not visible on radiographs or through bloodwork and might otherwise be missed.

As its name suggests, ultrasonography uses sound waves, so it is non-invasive and won’t expose your pet to harmful radiation. With this state-of-the-art tool, we can get a clear picture of an animal’s abdominal and thoracic cavity without the need for surgery. We use this equipment to look at organs such as the liver, kidneys, adrenal gland, spleen, pancreas, stomach and intestines, bladder, heart, lungs and for early detection of pregnancy in small animals. In some cases, we will use ultrasound as a guide during a biopsy procedure.

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