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Internal Medicine Services
Sometimes, pets have health problems that require specialized diagnostics and treatments. We are comfortable treating pet’s in the following areas of Internal Medicine:

Chronic Disease Management

Pharmacy thMany pets, especially as they become older, may suffer from ongoing diseases like heart disease, kidney disease, liver disease or osteoarthritis. As part of managing these diseases we tract your pet’s progress. We develop treatment plans and monitoring schedules specific for your pet.

Valley Fever/Tick Fever

valley-feverCommon to this area of the United States we have knowledge in the diagnosis and treatment of both diseases. Valley Fever is contracted by breathing in infective spores located in our soil. Signs can include; lethargy, fever, inappetence, coughing, limping and neurologic signs. Pets get Tick Fever by being bitten by an infected tick. Signs include; fever, lethargy, inappetence, and pale mucus membranes. Both can be serious life threatening diseases but with diagnosis and treatment they can be managed.

Endocrine Diseases

The endocrine system plays an important part in the control and regulation of other systems of your pet’s body. Multiple disorders or conditions can occur in dogs and cats. These include Adrenal disease (Addison disease and Cushing disease), Thyroid Disease (either Hypo or Hyper), and Diabetes Mellitus. Although some endocrine disorders are not life threating, many are fatal if not diagnosed and treated


Skin, ear and allergy problems are some of the most common reasons dog and cat owners bring their pets in to see us. We see a wide range of bumps, blotches, spots, itches and other skin abnormalities and we take every case seriously.


Our doctors and staff have nearly a quarter century of experience with the realities of cancer, from diagnosis through treatment. Depending on your pet’s specific needs and type of cancer, we can perform treatment at our facility or will refer you to one of our excellent Oncology partners.


This area covers the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the eye, such as glaucoma, cataracts and corneal ulcers. As with people, these diseases tend to disproportionately affect older pets and are often spotted during Senior Wellness Testing. However, if caught early, the recovery rate is high.

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