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Medical & Surgical Services


AnesthesiaAnesthesia is a critical aspect of many of our veterinary procedures. That’s why we provide the most advanced anesthetic administration and monitoring to ensure your pet’s comfort and safety during surgery.

We use only trained technicians and state-of-the-art monitoring equipment such as electrocardiography, or ECG, to interpret the electrical activity of the heart; capnography and pulse oximetry, for monitoring CO2 and O2 levels, respectively; and blood pressure and core body temperature monitors. Special warming blankets maintain body temperature while intravenous (IV) fluids maintain both blood pressure and kidney function – all of which are monitored intensively. During and after the procedure, we administer pain medications to ensure patient comfort.

Our veterinarians are highly skilled in anesthesia protocols not only for healthy pets but also for pets with special needs, such as geriatric patients or those with heart murmurs, diabetes or other chronic diseases. So while your pet is resting under the skilled care of our anesthetists, you can rest knowing your dog or cat is in the very best of hands.

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