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Preventative Medicine Services

Wellness Exams

WellnessWellness care is the foundation of your pet’s long-term health and vitality. Annual check-ups ensure proper growth and development, bring to light any unique health trends, and enable us to spot and head off potential problems before they grow into full-blown health issues. By establishing a regular health history, we are able to compile a fuller, richer picture of your pet’s health – a real benefit when it comes to making tough decisions about treatment as your pet ages.

Typical wellness care exams can include blood screenings, radiographs, blood pressure checks, dental care, dietary evaluation and education, heartworm and parasite testing and prevention, and vaccinations. We’ll also share any new medical recommendations that may apply to your pet. These exams help us get to know you and your pet better so we can best formulate a wellness plan for your four-legged family member and answer any questions that may be on your mind.

As your pet ages, the need for these routine exams becomes even more critical in helping us detect early signs of disease. For dogs and cats 7 years and older, our early-detection Senior Wellness Testing includes a thorough physical exam, complete blood work, thyroid profile and a urinalysis. If you (or we) suspect a problem, a simple screening test can detect a problem before the damage becomes irreversible. And as always, we’ll educate you about specific health risks to older pets and what potential trouble signs to watch for.

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