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Pet Health Care & News
From time to time we will post news and health care information for your pet.
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Obesity in our Dogs and Cats

An estimated 25-30% of pet cats and dogs are overweight.  Is this a problem?  A fat pet is a happy pet right?  This is not true; many diseases are associated or exacerbated by obesity including; arthritis, heart and respiratory problems, high blood pressure, heat and exercise intolerance, decreased immune function and diabetes to name a few.  Research has shown that animals at the proper weight live longer, healthier lives.


Valley Fever

Also known as, Coccidioidomycosis, Valley Fever is a systemic fungal disease found primarily in the southwest United States and is very common in Arizona.  The fungus is found in the soil, and pets become infected by inhaling the infective spores.  Valley Fever is not directly contagious between animals or people.


Rattle Snake Bites

Living in Arizona we encounter many different types of wildlife, unfortunately rattlesnakes may be one of them. Rattlesnakes are most active in warmer seasons, from Spring to Autumn. Dogs are at risk for rattlesnake bites; in fact, dogs are about 20 times more likely to be bitten by venomous snakes than people and are about 25 times more likely to die if bitten.  Snake bites are life threatening, extremely painful, expensive to treat, and can cause permanent damage even when the dogs survive. Like people, dogs may stumble over the location of a snake by accident. Curiosity or a protective instinct can place your pet at risk.


Why Dental Care is Important

Bad breath in pets, particularly dogs, is often joked about, but it is not a laughing matter. Dental disease affects up to 80% of pets over the age of three, and just like humans, there can be serious consequences of poor dental health. Imagine if you never brushed your teeth, or had them examined by a Dentist. This is what happens to many of our pets. Pet’s teeth are just like our teeth, except their shaped a little different.


Heatstroke In Pets

Summer is here and with it brings longer days with warmer temperatures.

Heatstroke occurs when pets cannot keep their bodies temperature in a safe range. Dogs and cats do not have efficient cooling systems and unlike people they cannot sweat and get overheated easily. A pet with moderate heat stroke, a body temperature from 104◦ to 106◦ F (normal body temperature is 100◦ to 102.5◦ F), can recover within an hour if given prompt first aid and veterinary care. Severe heat stroke, body temperature over 106◦ F, can be deadly and immediate veterinary assistance is needed.  


Common Household Dangers for your Pet

As smart as you think your pet may be, his curiosity can get him into trouble. The strong odor of paint may entice your pet in for a closer smell, the flavoring in antifreeze can tempt him to taste, and his natural curiosity to help you around the house can expose him to cleaning products. Just as we child proof our homes we also need to pet proof as well. To protect your pet and yourself have adequate ventilation when using any chemicals, thoroughly wipe up any spills, tightly close any bottles or containers and stow them safely in cabinets that pets cannot pry open.

When pet proofing your home remember poisons aren’t always ingested; some can be inhaled or even absorbed through the skin. Protect your pet by being aware of these common pet health hazards.


Thunderstorm and Noise Phobia

 Every year many of us living in the southwest look forward to the monsoon season, the lightening, rain, and cloud formations are an awe-inspiring sight.  However, for many pet owners and their dogs, it can be the worst season because of their pet’s storm phobia.


Happy and Healthy Cats

 In honor of National Cat Health month the CATalyst Council has released a list of 8 ways cat owners can keep their feline friends happy, healthy and purring all year long.


  • February is National Dental Awareness Month!

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