“Oh no, not again!” you think to yourself. “That’s the third time I’ve forgotten to order Pistachio’s urinary health food before he ran out.” If you’ve been in this situation with your own pet, you’re obviously not alone. With such busy schedules, remembering to order your pet’s prescriptions far enough in advance to ensure they are shipped and arrive in time can be tough. And, unfortunately, our hospital shelves simply cannot hold all the inventory of an online pharmacy. Although you love the convenience of ordering from online retailers, you may feel a bit uneasy about trusting the product and where it’s coming from. After all, you’ve been burned multiple times ordering clothes online, only to receive totally different items. But, what would you do if we told you Palisades Veterinary Hospital had our own online pharmacy, filled with products we know and trust? If you’re like us, you’d be excited about ordering your furry pal’s products from a trusted source. Let’s explore the benefits of our online pharmacy, Vetsource, more in-depth.

#1: Our online pharmacy is incredibly convenient

This one is a no-brainer. In the age of Amazon Prime, online shopping is growing by leaps and bounds, and online pet pharmacies are no different. If you suddenly remember in the middle of the night that you need to stock up on your pet’s favorite treats, or refill their insulin, our online pharmacy is incredibly convenient. There’s no need to call or stop by during normal business hours to pick up your pet’s prescriptions—you can order them all from the comfort of your own home, and they’ll be shipped straight to your front door. Plus, you can search for the exact product you need, whether or not we carry it on our shelves, which greatly expands your options. 

#2: Our online pharmacy is backed by veterinary professionals

Not all online pet pharmacies hold themselves to such high standards and many may not back up their products. With Vetsource, our online pharmacy, you can rest assured that you’re receiving the correct product and dosage for your pet. Prescription requests first come to our hospital for approval by our veterinarians, who check for accuracy. Next, your pet’s items are shipped straight from the same warehouses as our products, ensuring their handling and storage procedures follow strict quality control measures. Additionally, if your pet develops an unusual reaction or the medication proves ineffective, the manufacturer will provide financial compensation and care for your furry pal.

#3: Our online pharmacy has competitive pricing

We understand that many online pharmacy giants offer rock-bottom prices, and we strive to compete with their bargains. Your pet’s products on Vetsource are priced competitively to ensure you receive a great deal on items you trust. Plus, all AutoShip, RemindMe, and food orders, along with all orders over $49, are delivered free. By signing up for automatic refills on your pet’s parasite prevention, you may pay less than you would at other online pharmacies, and your products are guaranteed.

#4: Our online pharmacy reminds you to order your pet’s prescriptions

Admit it—how often have you forgotten to pick up your pet’s heartworm, flea, or tick prevention for the month, or to give it to your pet? We’ve all been there. But, with the help of automatic shipments and reminder services through Vetsource, forgetting to order or give your pet their medications is a thing of the past. By creating an account with our online pharmacy, you can opt for email or voice messages for refill reminders, along with AutoShip and RemindMe options to schedule regular, repeating pet product deliveries. 

#5: Our online pharmacy doesn’t require internet access

Online shopping requires an internet connection, right? While internet access can make your Vetsource experience simpler, you can still place orders for your pet’s products without an internet connection. Call us to place your order, or contact Vetsource’s Pet Owner Care team at 877-738-4443 for help with placing a phone order. 

Need help setting up your Vetsource account? Unsure which parasite prevention you should order to protect your furry pal? Interested in a prescription diet? Our Palisades Veterinary Hospital team can answer all these questions and more—give us a call about our online pharmacy.