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Everything You Want to Know About Boarding Your Pet

Whether you’re going to work, or across the world, leaving your pet is always hard. Our team at Palisades Veterinary Hospital understands, because we are more than veterinary professionals—we are pet parents, too. That’s why we offer the boarding experience we want for our own pets, so you can feel good about leaving your precious [...]

When To Spay or Neuter Your Pet: One Size Does Not Fit All

One of the most common questions asked of veterinarians is, “When should I spay or neuter my pet?” In the past, the answer had been simple—before 6 months of age. Currently, however, the ideal time to spay or neuter is debatable—and the recommendations more complex. Our Palisades Veterinary Hospital team is here to provide you [...]

Beat the Heat: Summer Safety Tips for Pets

As summer heats up, is your pet keeping cool? Discover the best ways to help your pet chill out by following our Palisades Veterinary Hospital team’s summer safety tips. Water, water everywhere—ensure your pet has access to fresh water Pets rely on panting to dissipate excess body heat and maintain a safe internal temperature. But, [...]

A Guide to July Fourth Pet Safety

Everyone loves July Fourth, but the holiday poses many hazards for your pet. Our team at Palisades Veterinary Hospital wants to help with advice that will keep your four-legged friend safe during the festivities. Ensure your pet doesn’t go astray Many pets find fireworks frightening, and pet shelters cite July 5th as their busiest day [...]

Beware of Snakes: 5 Tips to Protect Your Pet From Snakebites

We live in a beautiful area, where pet owners have plenty of opportunities to enjoy nature with their pet. But, the beautiful outdoors comes with some risks, including snakebites. Snakes are most active during warm weather, and in Arizona, April through December is considered snake season. You do not need to cancel your outdoor activities [...]

Heartworm Disease: Protect Your Pet

If you thought you already had plenty of reasons to hate mosquitoes, think again. Mosquitoes are a year-round threat that can transmit deadly heartworms to your pets. Heartworms can permanently damage their host’s heart and lungs, and although treatment is possible for infected dogs, options are limited for cats. Thankfully, heartworm infection and disease are [...]

6 Reasons Your Cat Should Visit The Veterinarian Annually

According to the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA), cats are America’s most popular pet, yet dogs visit the veterinarian about twice as often as cats. Many cat owners surveyed felt that vet visits were stressful, and that cats are self-sufficient and don’t need preventive care. This perception may stem from the fact that cats are [...]

Your Pet’s Dental Health: Frequently Asked Questions

Periodontal disease is the most commonly diagnosed dental disease in pets. Almost all pets have dental disease signs by age 3, and left unchecked, the problem will progress as the pet ages. The good news is that dental disease is largely preventable when pet owners learn how to properly care for their pet’s oral health. [...]

Veterinary Overload: How COVID-19 Changed Pet Care

Getting an appointment with your veterinarian has likely become more challenging since the spring of 2020. Routine veterinary care is pushed out several weeks.  Sick pets may wait several days before receiving care. Others are referred to emergency hospitals because their usual veterinary staff is unable to squeeze them into the schedule. Times have certainly [...]

Santa, Let Me Explain—Pet Holiday Safety

Dear Santa, Hey, it’s me, Rudy the dog. Christmas is almost here and I want to talk to you about some unfortunate events that happened last year. The holiday was going really well and I received the presents you sent—thanks for those—but then things got out of control. I hope you’ll see my side of [...]

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