Sniff, sniff, sniff. Woof. Hello? 

Good. Looks like my bark-to-text feature is working!

Hi! I’m Boone the bloodhound. I met your pet at Palisades Veterinary Hospital during your last visit, and we became best friends. Your pet probably didn’t want to introduce us, because I can be a little embarassing—I drool and howl a lot, and tend to get overexcited.

Speaking of excitement, I am over the moon—Aarooo! Sorry. I mean that I am excited to tell you about The Resort at Palisades Veterinary Hospital. I’m a regular visitor at The Resort, and I wanted to invite your pet to visit. I think they’d be really impressed with all the recent updates here. Let me tell you what makes The Resort a premier pet boarding experience. 

Sweet suites—where your pet can rest their paws

First of all, you’ve got to check out the rooms. The Resort offers spacious, air-conditioned dog runs for its canine guests. The runs are decked out with every creature comfort you can imagine, including a clean and roomy dog bed perfect for stretching. I spend an enormous amount of time in my bed, so I’m basically a comfort expert, and these beds are top-notch.

On-board activities—pet exercise at The Resort

I don’t know why they call it boarding—boredom is impossible here. I love to run in The Resort’s fully enclosed outdoor play area, and I cannot wait for one of the friendly kennel attendants to take me out for some quality play time. I get the entire yard to myself—OK, every dog does—at least five times per day.

After I’ve finished my yard duties, it’s time to play with The Resort’s assortment of fun toys. The kennel attendants love to throw the ball for me, and they never seem to mind my slobber. If I get tired and don’t want to retrieve anymore, they’ll get the ball themselves! That’s how nice they are. 

Room service—your pet’s dining options at The Resort

The Resort staff are so accommodating. Breakfast and dinner are served right in our rooms. My owners always pack my meals with specific instructions, so I can stick to my regular diet and schedule. For pets who arrive without food, The Resort offers house specials that are gentle on sensitive stomachs, including Purina EN for dogs, and Hill’s Science Diet Adult Maintenance for cats. 

Homesickness—medical care for your boarding pet

The staff at The Resort are so attentive, I think I might adopt them as my second family. They know me so well, and watch me so closely, and they report the slightest change in my condition to the Palisades Veterinary Hospital team for prompt, quality medical care. Every pet receives this VIP treatment, ensuring their total health and wellbeing from check-in to check-out.

Plus, these folks are thorough. In addition to the fabulous kennel attendants, a trained veterinary technician checks on each boarding pet three times per day, and administers any necessary medications. 

Many pets wouldn’t think the veterinary hospital and a peaceful resort could go hand-in-paw, but the Palisades Veterinary Hospital team isn’t your typical veterinary facility. Pet owners can conveniently schedule their dog or cat’s veterinary services to coincide with their boarding stay at The Resort. We’re having so much fun here, that no one seems to mind!

Fluff and buff—schedule a s-paw day for your pet

Pet owners commonly get jealous when they find out that we had such a good time without them—this is a pet-exclusive resort, so don’t ask about booking a room next to your pet. Owners can request their pet be bathed and brushed before check-out—I suspect that they do this, so they can’t smell the awesome memories we made. 

While I love a good bubble bath, I could do without the complimentary nail trim, but that does make my owners happy. 

The penthouse suites—feline-only accommodations

I’m not allowed upstairs, but I know that’s where the cats have their own private retreat. I had to get this information from a chatty Siamese named Sissy, so she may have exaggerated to make me feel bad, but it sounds amazing!

The penthouse is an all-inclusive cat-only area of The Resort. According to Sissy, the exclusive location makes it “peaceful” and “quiet,” but I think cats simply don’t know how to have a good time. Cats receive the same high quality medical care and room service as dogs, as well as:

  • Comfortable beds
  • Cozy perches
  • Natural sunlight
  • Daily one-on-one socialization and play time with a kennel attendant in an enclosed room. 
  • Fun toys. Wait, what? I want to see the toys!

The Resort can accommodate short- and long-term stays, but like any exclusive getaway, they have a few requirements:

  • Health check — All pets must be current patients at Palisades Veterinary Hospital,or have an exam for boarding prior to admittance.
  • Vaccinations — All pets must be up-to-date on required vaccines—see the boarding brochure for details. 
  • Flea prevention — Owners must show proof of treatment, or purchase a dose of Frontline at check-in. 

Your pet says you need a vacation. Now that you know your pet will be in expert hands, make both of your dreams a reality by scheduling a reservation at The Resort at Palisades Veterinary Hospital. 

I can’t wait to introduce your pet to The Resort life. Woof!