The “Where, What, and When” of Pet Vaccination

With so many vaccine options, you may wonder which ones your pet truly needs. As your pet’s family veterinarian, we want to provide information so that, together, we can make the best vaccination choices for your pet. Let us help you decide the “where, what, and when” of vaccinating your pet. The “where” of pet [...]

Pain, Pain Go Away: Alleviating Pain in Pets

Whether from rambunctious juvenile antics, or age-related arthritis, your pet will likely deal with pain at some point in their life. Pain in pets can be a short-term, or chronic and long-term issue, as in humans. Medications are available, but pain can also be managed with the addition of other modalities, such as cold laser therapy, [...]

Bringing Me Home: What to Expect the First Year of Puppyhood

Deciding to bring home a little fluff ball of love, also known as a puppy, is one of life’s greatest joys. The excitement, the cuddles, that new puppy smell—all culminate in a rich, delightful experience for the whole family. What’s not to love? Taking on a new puppy can be an ideal experience for many [...]

4 Healthy Holiday and New Year Tips for Pets

Like many of us, you’ve probably already decorated your home, and now you are planning your holiday feasts and treats. And, while your plans this year may look a little different due to COVID-19, your pets still deserve the same amount of attention. From potentially dangerous decorations, to hazardous foods, and everything in between, pet [...]

Your Pet’s Wellness Appointment: The Basis of Comprehensive Health Care

When you get a reminder about your pet’s regular wellness appointment, do you call our office right away, to ensure you don’t forget to schedule Fluffy’s appointment? Or, do you plan to call eventually, only to forget until months later, or with the next reminder? How important is your pet’s regular wellness appointment? Does she [...]

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