Veterinary Overload: How COVID-19 Changed Pet Care

Getting an appointment with your veterinarian has likely become more challenging since the spring of 2020. Routine veterinary care is pushed out several weeks.  Sick pets may wait several days before receiving care. Others are referred to emergency hospitals because their usual veterinary staff is unable to squeeze them into the schedule. Times have certainly [...]

Santa, Let Me Explain—Pet Holiday Safety

Dear Santa, Hey, it’s me, Rudy the dog. Christmas is almost here and I want to talk to you about some unfortunate events that happened last year. The holiday was going really well and I received the presents you sent—thanks for those—but then things got out of control. I hope you’ll see my side of [...]

Luxury Digs—The Resort According to a Dog

Sniff, sniff, sniff. Woof. Hello?  Good. Looks like my bark-to-text feature is working! Hi! I’m Boone the bloodhound. I met your pet at Palisades Veterinary Hospital during your last visit, and we became best friends. Your pet probably didn’t want to introduce us, because I can be a little embarassing—I drool and howl a lot, [...]

Say “Ahhh!” 5 Reasons Your Pet Needs Dental Care

Your pet’s dental health significantly impacts their quality of life. Take a peek beyond your pet’s bad breath, and let Palisades Veterinary Hospital explain five reasons why your pet needs an anesthetized oral examination and dental cleaning.  #1: Your pet may have an invisible disease Dental disease is the most commonly diagnosed condition in pets. [...]

Heatstroke Dangers in Pets: Your Questions Answered

Heatstroke is an all-too-common summertime tragedy for pets, as many thick-coated, flat-faced, and overweight pets suffer from overheating. However, you can prevent your furry pal suffering from this emergency by taking the necessary precautions when playing with them outside. To help keep your pet safe this summer, our Palisades Animal Hospital team answered the most [...]

A Pet’s Report From the Front Lines on July Fourth

July Fourth is a time for flags, food, and fireworks, but the excitement can make your pet feel as if they are under attack. The team at Palisades Veterinary Hospital sent in Chi Chi the Chihuahua, our intrepid reporter, to cover the front lines on the day in question, so you can see first-hand the [...]

Watch Out for Wildlife: How to Keep Your Pet Safe

Exploring the outdoors with your pet is a great way to engage in physical and mental activity, but wild critters can put a serious damper on your fun. When heading outside with your pet, watch out for the three most common wildlife threats in our area.  How to protect your pet from coyotes Coyotes, whether [...]

What is Your Pet’s Heartworm Disease Risk?

A heartworm is a dangerous parasite that causes life-threatening disease in pets from coast to coast. Although the mosquitoes that transmit heartworm larvae thrive in damp, humid environments, Arizona pets are still at risk. How great is your pet’s risk? You may wonder whether certain aspects of your pet’s lifestyle make them more likely to [...]

Valley Fever: Is Your Pet At Risk?

Picture this idyllic scene: You and your frisky pooch are walking through your favorite local park, when your pet suddenly catches an intriguing scent in the dirt. They fly into a frenzy, and dig and dig, trying to uncover whatever smelled so tempting, but cannot unearth anything at all. Fast forward a couple of weeks: [...]

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